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Shepherd Reynolds Ltd

has many years of experience with prison law. Over the last 12 years we have tried to adapt to change, an example of this was being the first Prison Law Department in Manchester to have video link facilities to deal with speedy visits and help prisoners who are in isolated areas of the country with few solicitors to assist with prison law.

The newest concerns with prison law is the reduction in fees by the Legal Services Commission. It is anticipated that not only will fewer providers assist prisoners in this area but limitation on work will happen due to solicitors not being paid for travel to prisons or for visits on certain cases.

It is our intention to carry on such work and contrive to provide a high quality services on all areas of prison law including the areas discussed in further detail

contact us now.


With over 100,000 adjudications for prison discipline taking place in prisons in England and Wales each year it is surprising that more prisoners do not ask for legal help either on matters before the Governor or independent Adjudicator as they could receive up to 42 days added to their sentence.

On matters before the governor privileges may be lost which can make life very difficult.

With the changes in criminal Legal Aid many solicitors will no longer be able to help the criminal clients on such matters and reduction in funding has also meant other firms no longer assist in such areas.

It is important to have representation on such matters as unfair and unjust sentences can be appealed.

Contact us now to ensure your family members have representation.

Parole -

Unlike a prisoner with a determinate sentence, life sentence prisoners or indeterminate sentence prisoners do not know when they will be released.

What they do know is that they must complete their “tariff” or minimum term as it is now known before they can be considered for release.

There is no guarantee of release and it must be shown to the Parole Board at a hearing that the areas of risk have been reduced to an acceptable level, so that they can be managed in the community.

By the time a prisoner gets to their tariff expiry they will be more than aware what their “sentence plan” targets have been, issues such as alcohol and violence may be key factors which need to be addressed and there are many courses to address areas of concern.

Solicitors experienced in this area are needed from an early stage of such sentences to ensure that the Probation and Prison Service do not hinder the progression unnecessary of a prisoner.

Also expertise is needed to help the prisoner at their parole hearing.

There are many issues which can arise with parole which we have the expertise to deal with. Contact us now to discuss.

Recall –

Offenders serving a sentence of 12 months and over are released from prison, in most cases automatically at the half way point of their sentence, under licensed supervision to the Probation Service. They are all subject to a set of standard licence conditions, requiring them to report regularly to the Probation Service, live at an address approved by the Probation Service and to be of good behaviour.

In many cases additional conditions will be added to help probation manage the person on licence. The conditions can include curfews and residing at hostels.

Between 1st April 1999 and 31st December 2009 a total of 103,355 persons were recalled. The amount of people who appeal these recalls is a fraction of that, resigning themselves to remaining in custody until the end of the licence.

What must be remembered is that licences will be extended for those recalled till their sentence expiry which could result in further recalls.

It can quite often be the case that there may be justification for recalls but mitigation for those breaches or a breakdown in communication with probation could mean recalls are unjustified.

Will I be released automatically after 28 days?

Prisoners who are not serving a specified offence and whom the Secretary of State does not consider poses a risk of serious harm will have their re-release on licence automatically after 28 days in custody.

Prisoners serving specified offences will have 28 days to make representations to try to show they will not be a threat to the public safety.

To discuss how to help your family or friend contact us now to ensure they receive adequate representation.

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